Comaxurros-churros Barcelona

churros barcelona1This is a place that recovers traditional icons and street “churros” to update them with assorted and tasty flavors. It’s difficult to find a place with good churros in Barcelona, so the idea, the design and commitment to quality of Comaxurros are welcome.

Churros can be purchased to take away or enjoy at the spot in an informal and fun way. You will see a lot of new ideas and variety in terms of churros and different side sauces. The long churro, crisp and light, the short or “bravo” to eat with a fork and plate with garnish of your choice-in this case, jams and sweet creams, like a handful of “patatas bravas”, and even the stuffed churro are the new and different combinations you will find.

churros barcelona 2You will also find new combinations with creams and pralines. All the churros are fried with olive oil as a matter of commitment to the healthy Mediterranean diet. I totally recommend stopping by and having a taste!!




At Comaxurros. Muntaner, 562.